How to Connect to Zillow

Please note that due to Zillow's third-party review polices, SocialSurvey cannot auto-post to their platform.

Instead, SocialSurvey's integration with Zillow:

  • Creates a direct link between your SocialSurvey and Zillow profiles. This link boosts your SEO and allows your customer and/or potential customers to easily navigate between your profiles.

  • Automatically displays up to 50 of your most recent Zillow reviews to the bottom of your SocialSurvey public page

To connect your SocialSurvey profile to your Zillow profile, just follow the steps below:

  1. In a new browser, log in to your Zillow profile

  2. Copy your user name from the URL (you’ll need this for step #6)

  3. In a new tab, log in to your SocialSurvey account

  4. Click on the Profile tab

5. Click on the Zillow icon. Note: this should currently appear gray

6. Paste your user name into the Zillow profile connection window and then click Save. Note: You may see the option to enter NMLS# instead. You may enter that here, or click on “by Screen Name” below.

7. Verify this is your Zillow account by clicking, “yes, that’s me”

8. Navigate back to your SocialSurvey Edit Profile page. View that the Zillow icon on your SocialSurvey profile is now blue, confirming that Zillow has successfully been connected

SocialSurvey also has the ability to create a secondary workflow that will automatically ask users to post their reviews on Zillow after completing the SocialSurvey. A secondary workflow is determined by your company's administrator. For more information regarding what this looks like for you specifically, please reach out to your company admin.