Agent Profiles

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What’s new with Profiles?

Standalone review sites are helpful, but many customers will look at your reviews from multiple sites to get a better picture of your customer experience. With SocialSurvey Profiles, you can provide them with a reviews webpage that pulls in reviews from SocialSurvey, Google, Facebook, and other third party sites into one SEO friendly website.

How to Edit your Agent Profile:

  1. From the hierarchy tab, select the green Agents button.

  1. Navigate to the agent that you’d like to set up a Profile for and click on the three dots underneath Actions.

3. From here, select ‘Edit’

4. Upon selecting ‘Edit’ you will see a sidebar with all of the details you can now edit to be present on the agent profile.

These categories include:

  • Address

  • Location Accessibility

  • Business Category/Subcategory

  • Business Location Hours

  • Time Zone

  • Contact Information

  • Website

  • Social Links

  • Profile/Cover photo

  • Accepted payment methods

  • Video links

  • Disclaimer

  • Custom SS Profile link

*REMEMBER the more you have filled out, the more data you’re giving to potential customers!

5. Select ‘Update’

Viewing & Customizing Your Agent Profile

Want to see what your location profile looks like?

  1. Go to your hierarchy, select agents, and find the agent profile you are wanting to view.

  2. Click on the three dot icon to the right of the line the location is on.

3. From the dropdown menu, select ‘View Profile’

4. From here, you can toggle what Cards you want present on the profile page

5. Select ‘Update’

6. From here, you can toggle what Cards you want present on the profile page.

7. Select ‘Update’