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What is Listings Management?

Get Found Everywhere

Whether you have 2 or 20,000 locations, the SocialSurvey Listings solution offers an easy and highly automated way to manage them individually or in bulk. Easily update and edit information, publish to hundreds of sites, apps, maps and more.


  • Get found on search engines, websites and apps

  • Increase traffic with consistent citations everywhere

  • Easily edit and update business listings in bulk


  • Publish consistent data to hundreds of sites, apps, and maps for all of your locations with a single push

  • Easily update all locations in bulk with a few clicks

  • Create practitioner pages for offices with multiple professionals (agents, doctors, lawyers, advisors, etc.)

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Listings Dashboard

To navigate to your listings: simply click on the Listings icon underneath Apps. From your dashboard view you are able to see all activity for each of your Listings. Below are some of the features we’ve included:

Filtering activity based on date

To do this: click on the date range you’d like to view at the top right of the screen. This can be by number of days, month, or year.

Overall status of your location and agent listings


  • Published vs Unpublished listings

  • Listings that require authorization

    • When connecting to Google My Business and Facebook, an authentication is required to connect your Listing to the appropriate place.

  • Pending Sites

    • Waiting to be published

  • External Issues

Activity Feed & Publish Info

From the activity feed, you can see which locations or agents have recently been published. You can also view the trend at which you are publishing new or modified listings.

Data Issues and How to Resolve

Which listings require your attention in order to resolve any data issues.

To Resolve:

  1. Select ‘View’ next to the data issue

  2. This will open up a window with all listings that have that specific data issue

From here, you can filter by Agents vs Locations and Issue type. You can also search for any specific listing.

  1. Select ‘Edit’ next to the location or agent whose data you want to resolve.

  2. From there, you’ll be able to modify any issue related to that listing.