Modifying & Adding Tiers/Agents

Experience Platform

Navigating your Accounts, Tiers, and Agents

Upon login, you will immediately see your lists of accounts. Each account contains its own unique surveys, emails, settings, and in some cases data ingestion.

Once you click into an account by selecting ‘view’, you will be able to view your hierarchy with corresponding tiers and users.

Adding a tier:

  1. Select the + button next to the Upload button on the far right.

  2. Enter the tier name, the parent it belongs to, and what type of tier it is. During Alpha/Beta, this will likely be ‘Region’ or ‘Office’.

Modifying Settings for Tiers From Hierarchy page:

When in a hierarchy, you have the ability to bulk update settings for tiers all from this one page.

      • There is also an ability to choose multiple tiers to make the same update to.

To modify tiers in bulk:

  1. Select the tiers you are wishing to edit

  2. Select the settings gear next to the + sign

Changing your settings:

  • On the right hand side of your screen, you will see a panel where you can modify multiple settings

Settings to update from hierarchy page:

Public Profile Settings:

          • Enabling tier public pages

          • Enabling agent public pages based on tier

          • Display hierarchy on public page

          • Showing contact form on public pages

          • Which personas to send contact form to (agent and/or manager)

Social Share Settings (only for tiers NOT agents):

          • Minimum score to auto posts

          • Max number of posts per day

          • Minimum gap between posts: time of day to post (ie. nothing past 1am to share on socials)

Adding Agents/Managers:

  1. From Hierarchy, select Agents

2. Select ‘Add New User’

3. From here: Insert Name, Email Address, Tier Assignment, Role type (agent, manager, or both), and any additional settings needed for the agent.

**Please note that we map survey data strictly off of the agents email address. ie. if the agent email in the data source is, the email address of the user will need to be in order for the survey to be sent out. In the case that the email address in SocialSurvey is different from what is in your data source, you can ALIAS that email address to what we have in SocialSurvey. For any questions about this, please contact your Customer Experience Manager

Modifying Settings for Agents:

  1. Find the agent you are wanting to modify.

  2. Select the gear icon to the far right of the user

3. From here, you will be able to:

    • Add/Delete alias emails

    • Opt in the user to be able to login

    • Opt in for Partner Surveys (Mortgage only)

    • Opt in to SMS survey delivery

    • Assign the agent to a tier and assign roles

To modify agents in bulk:

  1. Select each individual you’d like to include in the bulk

  2. Click on the gear icon and choose the setting you would like to update.

3. Make any changes and select "Save"