New Terminology

Experience Platform

There are some new terms you may notice on our new platform. Here’s a quick definition of what they mean!


  • Managers (admin equivalent in V1): a user within an org or account that has permissions to. Manage an org, account, tier, or product

  • Agents: a user who does not have permission to manage any entity other than their own info as allowed by their managers.

  • Reviewers: any person who receives a survey request. The eventual workflow for this persona is to receive a survey and leave a review. Not all reviewers complete the workflow

  • Consumers: any person who reads reviews, views profiles, or views listings data


  • Company or Entity of SocialSurvey partner

  • Example: Freedom Mortgage, Realty Executives, ie Insurance


    • Accounts are the different survey, email, and user sets determined by the organization

    • Example of Accounts: Freedom Mortgage Retail, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale, Freedom Mortgage Workforce


    • V1 Term- Region or Office

    • A tier can relate to any subset of users. This can be a region, office, branch, team, agency, etc.

    • When creating a tier, you are relating it to a hierarchy. Ex. East Nashville office would be labeled 'ENASH1' and then assigned to ‘NASH123’

      • This creates a ‘flow down the hierarchy’, parent/child relationship